Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System Kolkata

Burglar Alarm System in Kolkata by TheSpiders.in

Auto – Dial GSM Based Burglar Alarm System For Home Security(YOUR IDEAL SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM)
High Quality & Reliable + Burglarproof & Fireproof + Gas / LPG Leakage Protection + Emergency Help (SOS) + Branded Product with 1 Year Warranty
Branded Product with 1 Months Warranty
Whats in the Box·         Alarm System (Central Unit) 1pc.

·         Wireless PIR Detector 1pc.

·         Wireless Door (GAP) Sensor 1pc.

·         Remote Controller 2pcs.

·         Antenna 1pc.

·         Mini Siren 110dB/0.3 m 1pc

·         Power Supply 1pc.

·         Users’ Manual 1pc.

Product Description
This security alarm system consists of main panel/engine of alarm and various wireless-connected accessories/sensors. If someone enters the defense region illegally, the main engine/panel will activate the loud siren and call the number stored in the main panel notifying the intrusion of the specific zone, so the person can take an immediate action. The system provides an option to monitor the scene form your mobile only.


Long Distance Listen-in/arm/disarm Function
Intelligent Identification
Can be Triggered When Power Cable is Cut
Remote Control
Can Pre-Store 5 Groups of Alarm Phone Number
Can Add More Sensors If Needed
With Built-in Backup Battery in Case of Electricity Failure
NOTE: SIM card is not provided. You should buy SIM from your local mobile operator.Verify your mobile operator supports GSM 900/1800 MHz frequencies.
Extremely Powerful Siren!  Wear ear protection on initial siren test.

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